Get to know our Fair Trade Certification / Life-Changing Stories – Elena Ordóñez

Ponte Tresa is a premium rose grower company certified by Fair Trade this means that 10% of our certified sales go directly to our workers corporation.

Our workers corporation created some interesting programs using this premium money to help their fellow workers and their communities. The following are some stories of how these programs changed our workers lives.

Can you please tell us your full name?

My name is Elena Ordoñez, I have been in Ponte Tresa for fifteen years.

Can you tell us something about the housing credit program?

It has led me to have my own little house, the process was simple I had to bring the quote of how I was going to use the money, I brought this quote and showed it to the workers corporation and they helped me with my home building process.

In just a month they put me in contact with the contractor with whom the contract was made and I feel very happy because now I have my own home.

What has been your experience with the education program?

I’ve worked here for fifteen years and my girls have put this benefit to good use from a very young age.

My first daughter was the first one to enter this program when she was in fourth grade and now the years have passed and I have my two little girls going to college. For me it’s a satisfaction because earlier we did not have the possibilities to achieve this and thanks to this program those of us who work in Ponte Tresa and have Fair Trade can accomplish a higher level of education for their children, which is a parent’s goal.

What about the health insurance program?

The employee and his family can benefit from this program, in my case if my girls or my husband get sick, I have to take them to the doctor, if the doctor prescribes them some medicine, I can later buy the prescription and present the invoice to the workers corporation, once my request is verified, we get our money back.

What does it mean to be part of the Ponte Tresa family?

I have grown a lot since I started working here, back then I was a person who did not have a lot of resources.

It is a blessing for us to have this job and we continue to grow as people and if Ponte Tresa keeps opening the door to us and with the help of the programs funded by the Fair Trade premium we will always walk forward. I am proud to be part of Ponte Tresa.

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