Get to know our Fair Trade Certification / Life-Changing Stories – Gloria Burbano

Ponte Tresa is a premium rose grower company certified by Fair Trade this means that 10% of our certified sales go directly to our workers corporation.

Our workers corporation created some interesting programs using this premium money to help their fellow workers and their communities. The following are some stories of how these programs changed our workers lives.

Can you please tell us your full name?

My name is Gloria Burbano, I am honored and proud of working at this farm, which is the best Ponte Tresa! I have fifteen years of experience in the production area.

Can you tell us something about the Fair trade funded programs?

Thanks to the loans that are granted here by the fair-trade housing program, I was able to build my house.

Because of everything that has happened in the pandemic, we had to take important decisions and we have done it, we have taken out a loan for a new business venture which is the production of roses based on my Ponte Tresa job experience.

Today the roses from my field are still small but we are trying to get them ready for next Valentine’s Season.

I have two little daughters at the moment, one is sixteen years old and the other one is eleven years old.

I gave birth to the second one while at Ponte Tresa and benefited from a nursery made here at the farm by the worker’s corporation.

In middle school, the benefits they get are based on the grades that all the employees’ children have.

As I said, my first daughter is in middle school and the older one is in high school and we continue to benefit from this program.

What are some benefits in terms of health insurance?

The employee’s children and the husband are covered by this insurance, every time they get sick and I have to take them to the doctor, the health program reimburses us for the money that we spent.

What does it mean to be part of the Ponte Tresa family?

I’m proud to be working with the Ponte Tresa family where they have the Fair Trade certification, and it really helps us change our lives. All of us who work here have benefited from the educational and health programs. And it is very good for us!  

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