Get to know our Fair Trade Certification / Life-Changing Stories – José Inlagos

Ponte Tresa is a premium rose grower company certified by Fair Trade this means that 10% of our certified sales go directly to our workers corporation.

Our workers corporation created some interesting programs using this premium money to help their fellow workers and their communities. The following are some stories of how these programs changed our workers lives.

Can you please tell us your full name?

My name is José Inlagos. I worked 17 years at Ponte Tresa.

Can you tell us about the Fair trade founded programs?

First of all, I would like to thank God, also I thank the owners of Ponte Tresa for giving me a job opportunity.

They gave me a lot of benefits: health, education, and other projects. My greenhouse is now two years old since I retired from Ponte Tresa.

Right now, I have the varieties Explorer and Mondial in production, the entire lot is 1.200 square meters. I lived on this land for seventeen years, and thanks to the projects of Ponte Tresa I bought a small lot near the Pan-American Highway, there I have my little house thanks to the help of the project.

What has been your experience with the education program?

My children were the best students thanks to Ponte Tresa.

My son will finish his degree this year, he benefited from the program almost until the third semester of college when I had to retire from the farm because of my business venture, but thanks to the company my children finished high school with the help of the administration at Ponte Tresa.

What does it mean to be part of the Ponte Tresa family?

I feel part of the family, it felt like home, I benefited from everything, during the time I was able to collaborate with the farm. I want to keep growing, and get as big as I can that’s my dream. I have the support of my children, someday they may want to take over this business and continue to grow, as a father I will support them and continue giving them the best that I can.

Thank you very much and long live Ponte Tresa.

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