Get to know our Fair Trade Certification / Life-Changing Stories – Rosa María Farinango Cabezas

Ponte Tresa is a premium rose grower company certified by Fair Trade this means that 10% of our certified sales go directly to our workers corporation.

Our workers corporation created some interesting programs using this premium money to help their fellow workers and their communities. The following are some stories of how these programs changed our workers lives.

Can you please tell us your full name?

My name is Rosa María Farinango Cabezas, I have been in the company for twenty years.

Can you tell us something about the Fair trade funded programs?

I’m one of the founders of the fair trade programs here.

Through the housing program, I was able to get a loan to build my home.

I owned a little piece of land, I had the land but I did not have the house, I lived only paying rent to others. With this loan, they’ve helped me a lot.

I managed to improve my family’s being and now my little house has two floors.

What are some benefits in terms of education?

Regarding education, my children benefited from the program.

I have three small children, my two boys finished high school thanks to the program, and my daughter is currently going to college thanks to the fair trade scholarships.

My eldest son entered the program at the age of eight, the other ones benefited from pre-school.

What are some benefits in terms of health insurance?

We receive health insurance thanks to the fair trade program, we pay with our money and they reimburse us.

We bring the invoice and get our money back from our colleagues who are managing the program.

What does it mean to be part of the Ponte Tresa family?

I feel happy because I am part of these family, we are fair trade. As I told you, we are the ones who started the fair trade program alongside with my colleagues we held meetings after meetings and we were able to develop the projects we have today.

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