Get to know our Fair Trade Certification / Life-Changing Stories – Serafín Valencia

Ponte Tresa is a premium rose grower company certified by Fair Trade this means that 10% of our certified sales go directly to our workers corporation.

Our workers corporation created some interesting programs using this premium money to help their fellow workers and their communities. The following are some stories of how these programs changed our workers lives.

Can you please tell us your full name?

My name is Serafín Valencia. I worked at Ponte Tresa for twenty-six years.

Can you tell us something about the Fair trade funded programs?

I had a lot of help from the Fair Trade programs during the time I was an employee at Ponte Tresa, they helped me with my children’s education, I have a son who is already a police captain, I have a daughter who is studying at the Catholic University of Quito, thanks to Ponte Tresa owners and Fair Trade programs.

I am very grateful for the unconditional support that they had with me so far and hopefully, it will continue so that I can work and get my daughter through college.

I would appreciate that help because as a parent you have to get your children ahead of the rest. I tell you; God will repay them for the help they give to their poorest workers.

They´ve helped us with loans for education, credits for rent, and credits to pay for our children’s education. They granted me a loan to buy a truck, now it is mine, thanks to the help that the company gave me, I work now with my truck, and I’m self-employed.

What meant to be part of the Ponte Tresa family?

I still feel part of the family, as long as I live, I will be part of the family because I spent my youth here, I was very young when I entered the company I was 22 years old.

As you see now time has passed. God will repay everyone, a big thank you to the fair trade program, for giving support to employees, to all employees in general, never lose that support to the employee, continue that support to those who stayed here, to those who will come, may they never lose these fair job.

Thank you for the interview, thank you I almost cried.

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