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*Ponte Tresa Farm is part of our trio of farms, alongside Ponte Tresa Farm PS and Ponte Tresa Farm RM.

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active female workers

we support our community, every single day.

Our premium FairTrade funds have been invested for:

scholarships for student aid

We offer a range of resources and incentives to support workers and their families in their pursuit of academic growth, empowering them to enhance their skills and unlock new job prospects.

housing credits

The corporation extends an opportunity for workers to acquire a credit that enables them to purchase land for constructing a new house or renovating their existing property.

micro credits

This initiative fosters entrepreneurship by facilitating the establishment of small family businesses focused on agricultural production, animal husbandry, and other related ventures. These endeavors not only contribute to the household economy but also enhance the overall quality of life for the workers involved.

First need groceries

Through this project, we significantly reduce the cost of purchasing essential food and other basic necessities by procuring them in bulk from wholesalers. These items are then distributed among the workers and their families, ensuring consistent access to meet their nutritional requirements.

community health

The primary aim of this project is to ensure access to medical care for workers and their families by offering a comprehensive health insurance program established by the corporation. This initiative is specifically designed to safeguard against catastrophic diseases, prioritizing proactive preventive measures.

training for workers

The objective is to invest in the intellectual growth of workers, fostering a culture of continuous learning and empowering them to acquire valuable skills and knowledge applicable to both their daily lives and potential additional income opportunities. This includes encouraging them to explore new occupations such as crafts, electricity, mechanics, and more. By nurturing their professional development, we aim to enhance their capabilities and broaden their horizons.

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Email: sales@pontetresa.com
Sales USA: +1 866 388 7732
Sales Ecuador: +593 238 01296

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