Low-interest loans for our workers

Our workers are able to access low-interest loans for the following needs:

  • Housing credits
  • Health credits
  • Credits for education
  • Credits for first needs goods
  • Support to the community

Housing credits:

Basically covering: Home improvement, housing construction, purchase of land, payment of home mortgage loans with banks.

In 2006, 65% of the workers did not have their own home at that time and paid rent, which lowered their family income. 13% despite not paying rent did not own a home, basically 78% of the workers did not have their own home. The remaining 22% despite having a home it was an unsafe construction. By 2021, 90% of our workers have their own home thanks to the loans granted.

Health credits:

That served in case of medical emergencies, for the worker, their spouse and their children.}

Credits for Education:

These credits cover tuition payments, acquisition of equipment, books, etc. Currently 100% of school-age children are studying. 80% of students continue their studies at college and 20% are taking technical courses and alternative careers.

Credits for first need goods:

It can be used in basic appliances, to improve the quality of life of the worker and his family.

Support to the community:

We supported the community by creating computer centers in different educational institutions as well as providing infrastructure to nurseries and health centers.